21 Day Sadhana - Abundance and Bliss


Morning Sadhana -21 Minutes
Do this Video Every Day!

Breath of Light to strengthen the aura and releive stress and frustration. Sat Chit Ananda Kriya to align to Bliss consciousness.

Silent Witness Meditation using So Hum to drop into stillness.

Daily Reset
7 minutes

This set starts with Breath of Light (Prakasha breath).  Then moves to Aham Prakasha Kriya. This mantra means "I am light".

This set builds a strong Aura and develops awareness of Light and the energetic field. 

Evening Meditation
9 minutes

Green Tara Meditation.  Green Tara comes from the Buddhist tradition and represents the abundance of the universe.  Do this Kriya to tap into the abundance of  life in this moment.

Om Tara Tu Tare Tare So Ha is the mantra.