21 Day Sadhana - empower and ground


Morning Sadhana -21 Minutes
Do this Video Every Day!

3 Part Breath to calm mind and build attention and focus. Om Namah Shivaya to step into an empowered presence. Alak Niranjan Kriya to awaken the True Self and build a grounded energy. Strengthens the aura by building deep presence. 

Daily Reset
5 minutes

Chanting the bija mantras of the first 3 chakras (Lam-1st; Vam-2nd; Ram-3rd) to connect to a grounded presence.  Bija mantras are seed sounds: no meaning, but you will feel the energy shift as you chant. . 

Evening Meditation
8 minutes

Tap into the teacher within and without by doing the Om Namo Guru Dev Namo Kriya. Tap into your inner wisdom (knowing) and make a conscious choice to choose to act from that place.  When we do this our sense of freedom and empowerment increases.