21 Day Sadhana - energize and awaken



Morning Sadhana -21 Minutes
Do this Video Every Day!

This set starts with Prana Shakti Kriya which balances and stabilizes energy.  It also creates focus and lifts lethargic energy. Then moves to Boom Shankar Kriya which awakens inner spaciousness and strengthens your aura, radiance and inner light. Boom meaning the creator within/cosmos and Shankar is another name for Shiva (finate to infinate self).  

Silent Witness: Sit in silence and notice the breath or if the mind is active you can bring in a silent mantra such as So Hum ("I am that, that I am"). So on the inhale and Hum on the exhale. Or if you want to use and English word you can use "I am" on the inhale and a word of your choice on the exhale such as "radiance". 

Daily Reset
8 minutes

This set starts with chanting the Bija mantras of the first three chakras - Lam, Vam, Ram. This is a grounding Kriya. Then we move to Hat-Hari Kriya (unites the sun and the moon currents). We end with Awakening of the Ecstatic Heart Kriya which releases fear, strengthens your dedication to freedom & rates radical presence.  

Evening Meditation
8 1/2 minutes

The Prana Vayu kriya is a subtle, meditative kriya to balance energy (the 5 vayus: Prana, Apana, Udana, Vyana Samana).  Great to do to calm and center. 

This calm Meditation will balance the energizing practices!