21 Day Sadhana - FEARLESSNESS


Morning Sadhana -21 Minutes
Do this Video Every Day!

This set starts with the 4-part Kumbhaka breath followed by Swayum Kriya: Hari Nam Hari (Uniting the creative flow of life with your personal identity.   Hari-creation, Nam-name).  Stepping into taking radicul responsibility for your life.  You are the creator. 

Silent Witness: Sit in silence and notice the breath or if the mind is active you can bring in a silent mantra such as So Hum ("I am that, that I am"). So on the inhale and Hum on the exhale. Or if you want to use and English word you can use "I am" on the inhale and a word of your choice on the exhale such as "radiance". 


Daily Reset
12 minutes

We start with Agni Sar Kriya - belly pumping to cleanse toxins on all levels.  It also helps with digestion and cleanses the 2nd & 3rd chakras. Then we move to a Jupiter Expansion Kriya to further heal the 2nd chakra.  We hold our wounding in the 2nd chakra and as we heal the 2nd chakra we are able to move toward a life where we feel more free to create and express ourselves. We end with Alak Niranjan Kriya which helps to strengthen your aura and awakens you to your true self. 

Evening Meditation
6 minutes

This set starts with the 3-part breath.  This breath practice is calming and grounding.  Then we move to Aham Brahmasmi Kriya. The meaning of this mantra is "I am Divine, I am one with all,  I am the universe". It increases intuition and teaches the art of when to stand with fierce presence and when to surrender into deep devotion. This is one of my favorite Kriya's.