3 Day "Detox"

When I think of detox I think of a food detox or cleanse, but that is not what this program is about ~ this is three days of cleansing out energy stuck in the body to create lightness, ease and an opportunity to new energy to enter! It isa 3-day 15 minute Kriya to target the subtle body.  We will use breath and mantra kriyas to let go and relax into our body and into stillness. 

You can feel it when your energy starts to constrict and tighten. Just think about when you are around someone that is a challenge for you to be around - the body tenses, the breath constricts and your whole energy changes. Then think about being around someone who you love and who is easy to be around - I bet you find that your body is relaxes, your breath is calm and their is a softenss in your energy. 

When someone tells you to relax when you are in that "tight" place, it's pretty challenging. You have to find a release, a way to let go and once you do it's much easier to soften. We have all different ways to let go: crying, screaming, exercise, over-eating or drinking, etc. 

For me Kriya has been a powerful way to let go of stuck energy and come into a place of calm and stillnes. It has helped me to be with myself in silence and it is in silence that we begin to know ourslef and our inner wisdom arises. 

I am sharing this with you because I know for me, as magical as the holidays can be, they can also be rough in that they bring up a lot of family issues I don't normally have to deal with and I eat and drink more than I usually do. 

Food detoxes feel like a punishment to me, so I work with clearing out my energy and as I do that, I naturally gravitate toward food that feel better in my body. So I invite you to join me!!!  It's hard to describe these practices, but I think once you do them you will understand what I'm talking about!

What is the Subtle Body?

The subtle body is the energy of the body. We cannot see and touch it, but we can feel it and expereince it.  Have you ever been drawn to someone at a party and you weren't sure why? There was nothing about how they looked or what they said, but just something about them?That is the subtle body in action. 

If you have heard of the Chakras, that is part of the subtle body. They are the energy centers of the body and connected via 3 main channels called Nadis. There are 72000 Nadis throughout the body. And this is just a piece of this complex system. What is important to know is that the subtle body is all about energy. 

What is Kriya?

When we do yogic practices such as asana, meditation, kriya, breath and mantra we are impacting the subtle body. I particularly love Kriyas because they directly ipact the subtle body. There are Kriyas that help with concentration, open up our intuition, impact the brain, soften the heart, help to detox stuck energy, help us come into our voice. Kriyas for everything. 

What draws me to them is how I feel when I practice them. I can use them to calm my energy when I feel anxious, to release the mind when I am in a pattern of thought or to soften when I notice myself feeling my heart harden from hurt. 

How Holding Energy Impacts us.

If you witness a little kid havingn a tantrum, you will see that they get angry, kick and scream and let the energy pass through them. And after it's over, they are happy again - just like that. What happens as adults is that we feel or expreince something and think that we aren't supposed to feel it so we get tight and constricted and it shows up in the body. Some people hold tension in their neck, others in their belly, and sometimes it starts to make us sick physically. 

As we learn to notice our energy and to work with it, we can begin to learn to let go and relax into the moment and into our body.