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always reach out with questions 

Learn how to use "Daily Resets"

How to do Breath of Fire (Kapal Bharti)

How to Pump the Belly

Enjoy using these and always reach out if you have questions. See if you can let go of the analytical mind while doing these sets and focus your attention on how you feel when you do them.  

This Breath Practice will be used in the evening meditations, daily resets and yoga.  Please seek medical approval before doing if you have a heart condition, dizzy spells, breathing problems or epilepsy. 

Yes, it's sounds strange, but I've found many people have challenges with knowing how to pump the belly. This short video will go over that. 

Balance: Balance your day!

Light: Step into light!

What is Kriya?

This set starts with Alternate Nostril Breathing (Allom Vilom). It's a calming breath that balances your energy.  Then we move to Shiva-Shakti Kriya. The intention of this kriya is to unify the heart and mind. It also balances the sun and moon channels of the energetic body. I also find it fun! 

This set starts with Breath of Light (Prakasha breath).  Then moves to Aham Prakasha Kriya. This mantra means "I am light". This Kriya builds a strong Aura and develops awareness of Light and the energetic field. 

Ever wander what "Kriya" means?  Watch this to learn more and join me for a journey into bliss with the  Sat Chit Ananda Kriya! And always reach out with questions! 

Divine Grace: Connect to Grace.

This set starts with the 3-part breath.  This breath practice is calming and grounding.  Then we move to Aham Brahmasmi Kriya. The meaning of this mantra is "I am Divine, I am one with all,  I am the universe". It increases intuition and teaches the art of when to stand with fierce presence and when to surrender into deep devotion. This is one of my favorite Kriya's.

Cleanse: Cleanse, Heal & Awaken.

We start with Agni Sar Kriya - belly pumping to cleanse toxins on all levels.  It also helps with digestion and cleanses the 2nd & 3rd chakras. Then we move to a Jupiter Expansion Kriya to further heal the 2nd chakra.  We end with Alak Niranjan Kriya which helps to strengthen your aura and awakens you to your true self. Have fun with this set!

Align & Energize!

This set starts with chanting the Bija mantras of the first three chakras - Lam, Vam, Ram. This is a grounding Kriya. Then we move to Hat-Hari Kriya (unites the sun and the moon currents). We end with Awakening of the Ecstatic Heart Kriya which releases fear, strengthens your dedication to freedom & rates radical presence. 


This is a meditative movement to soften into your heart space and build receptivity. 

Calm Breath-Radiant Spirit

3 Part Breath and Blooming Lotus.  Tapping to the power of the soft-expansive heart. 

Let Go!

Simha Kriya - One of my favorite Kriya's to Let Go.  This is not an "out of control" Kriya - you are focused and releasing wth intention. Make sure to ground yourself afterwards by standing and feeing your feet against the earth.

Warrior Breaths: Use when you need to step into a space of empowerment!

Warrior Breaths: These breaths are uplifting and invigorating.  They are also warming and grounding.  You want a fierce presence, but not constricted or hard - you still want to maintain an ope an receptive space. 

LamVam Ram

This is a wonderful practice to do to ground  yourself.  Chanting the bija mantras of the first 3 chakras (Lam-1st; Vam-2nd; Ram-3rd).  Bija mantras are seed sounds: no meaning, but you will feel the energy shift as you chant.  Stay tuned for my online Chakra Series Coming Soon! Email me to be put on the list to be notified when it comes out. 

Om Namo Guru Dev Namo

Tap into the teacher within and without by doing the Om Namo Guru Dev Namo Kriya. Tap into your inner wisdom (knowing) and make a conscious choice to choose to act from that place. 

Guru- teacher; Namo-Name Dev-Divine

Sri Yantra Kriya

Prana Vayu Kriya

Tara Mantra

Tap into abundance on all levels with the Sri Yantra Kriya.  Shrim-lackshmi; klim-kali, Lakshmi, narayana-creation, namaha-name/invoke

The Prana Vayu kriya is a subtle, meditative kriya to balance energy (the 5 vayus: Prana, Apana, Udana, Vyana Samana).  Great to do to calm and center. 

Green Tara Meditation.  Green Tara comes from the Buddhist tradition and represents the abundance of the universe.  Do this Kriya to tap into the abundance of  life. Om Tara Tu Tare Tare So Ha.