Experience kriya: grace Set

The Grace Kriya Set connects you to a place of compassion and calmness. It helps you release any fear you may be holding onto, both past and present, and taps into your intuition, allowing you to move from a place of deep knowing.

You can practice these sets at any point during your day, and you can practice them over and over again. One of the best ways to experience the full impact is to practice one or two individual kriyas for 21 or 40 days consecutively. You will notice many subtle differences, often feeling more cheerful and energetic. If you use your Kriya Set in this way, it is best to pick a time of day and practice at that time consistently. Morning is ideal, as it is often easier to commit to your practice before anything else has impacted your schedule, but really any time is a good time for kriya! You may also want to use the Kriya Set or just one kriya individually as an entry into silent meditation.

How to approach the Kriyas

My invitation to you is to practice this set with your whole heart, with a sense of curiosity and without expectation. There is a brief introduction to each kriya's purpose, but I think as you practice them you will begin to experience their impact and understand the kriya's purpose for yourself.

Know that there is no "right" or "wrong" experience to have when you practice. Approach each practice as a blank slate. Know that you may have a slightly different experience with each kriya than you had the time before. You may drop into the practice easily one time and it may be a bit more difficult the next time, but stay with your practice. Notice your mind settling, your energy shifting, and your overall feeling at the end of each set and don't judge it. Allow yourself to have the experience. 

It can be a little intimidating at first to do something new, such as chanting or specific breath work, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you will become and the deeper you will dive into your experience. Please reach out with any questions or for further explanation. I am here to support you.

Sending love, 

Divine Grace: 6 minutes 7 seconds

This set starts with the 3-part breath. This breath practice is calming and grounding. We then move to Aham Brahmasmi kriya. The meaning of this mantra is "I am Divine, I am one with all, I am the universe". It increases intuition and teaches the art of when to stand with fierce presence and when to surrender into deep devotion.

Align and Energize: 8 minutes 35 seconds

This set starts with a grounding practice. We chant the bija mantras of the first three chakras: Lam, Vam, Ram. Bija mantras are seed sounds -- they hold no real meaning. The sound is made to connect to the vibration or energetic quality of the bija. As you chant, will begin to feel the energy shift. We then move to Hat-Hari kriya. This is kriya is energizing and cleansing. It unites the sun and moon currents in the energetic body. We end with Awakening of the Ecstatic Heart which releases fear, strengthens your dedication to freedom and creates radical presence. 

Green Tara Meditation: 9 minutes 50 seconds

Green Tara comes from the Buddhist tradition and represents the abundance of the universe. As we do this kriya we tap into the abundance of  life. The chant is "Om Tara Tu Tare Tare So Ha".