Morning Practices

Breath of Fire:  Each nostril 1 minute; 3rd eye for 1 minute or Prana Shakti 1-2 minutes

Aham Prema: 3 minutes

Sat Chit Ananda: 6 minutes

Silence: 8 minutes or longer

Evening Practices

Breath of Light: 3 minutes

Aham Prema: 3 minutes

Sat Chit Ananda:  6 minutes

Silence: 8 minutes or longer

information on Kriyas

What is Kriya: Kriya’s are repetitive movements, mantra and/or breath.  They create a moving meditation. They generate a movement of energy that helps facilitate evolution in the body, mind, and soul.  Kriyas awaken, transform, and combine all levels of energy available to create a desired physical, physiological, emotional, psychological and/or spiritual shift in the person’s being. 

**We will go over the breath practices and benefits: Breath of Fire, Breath of Light and Prana Shakti Kriya in the Livestream or In-person discussion. 

Aham Prema: Devotional, Encourages Trust and Love. 

Description:  Begin in Siddhasana Extend arms overhead and itnerlock fingers keeping palms open and relaxed. Circle arms clockwise allowng for a full range of motion through shoulders and upper back creating spaciousness in upper body.Chant AHAM PREMA in a soft meditative tone. Mantra & Meaning: Aham Prema: I am love, I choose love, I am devotion. Drishti:  Eyes closed and inner gaze at Anahata Chakra (heart).Duration:  3-11 minutes Benefits:  Creates a sense of deep devotion, ability to surrender to love, encourages trust, releases stress, encourages emotional release, clears mental negativity and chatter. Builds a positive mind, increases the power of intention, and deepens the connection between the Anahata (4) chakra and the Visshuddha (5) chakra.  Opens the chest, strengthens the shoulders and arms, increases range of motion in the spine.

Sat Chit Ananda:  To Connect to Bliss.

Description:   Chant Sat with fingertips touching at belly; Chant Chit with the hands in a lotus at the heart; chant Ananda with the arms going wide, palms open.  Sat-Truth. Chit-Consciousness, Ananda-Bliss. Drishti:  Closed - focus at the heart. Duration:   6 minutes-12 minute. Benefits: uplifting, meditative

Green Tara:  To Connect to the Abundance of the Universe. 

Description:  Right hand on lap with index and thumb touching.  Left elbow bent with 4th finger and thujb touching.  Chant Om Tare Tu Tare Ture So Ha. Drishti:  Closed - focus at the heart. Duration:  In class 6-12 minutes as meditation. Benefits: Meditative; connects one to an elevated state.