Step into bliss!

discover the power of a consistent meditation practice to align to bliss!

The Bliss Immersion is back by popular demand, with an updated, online version! 

online program COMING SOON!

  • Do you want to expereince more joy and less stress in 2018?
  • Do you want to make a change but not sure where to begin?
  • Do you want to open to new possibilities this year?
  • Have you heard of the power of a meditation practice but not sure how to start or have difficulty following through? 

If your answer is yes, then this Immersion is for you! Everything is energy. As we align our energy to a state of bliss we begin to attract that into our lives! 


The program will consist of:

  •  2 daily videos so we can practice together and create an understanding on how to manifest bliss.
  • 5 online meditations to align to Bliss within you!
  • 30 minute private consultation with me during or after the program where I will give you an individualized meditation practice to continue on your own. 
  • Daily Inspirational email  with a link to the meditation and additional tips to align to bliss.
  • You will receive a private link to the page with the Kriya's we are doing  - a "bliss set" you can practice anytime you need!
  • I will discuss how to use a mala in mediation and you will receive 50% off any mala you buy during the program. 
  • I will be available to you all week to email or ask questions. I am here to support you! 

This isn't your usual meditation practice!!! I use Kriyas that come from the tantra tradition of yoga. They are powerful in stilling the mind, shifting energy, opening the heart space, and coming into silence - -the place where your intuition starts to rise up!  

I would love to have you join in this experience!!! Give yourself the gift of bliss! You deserve it!  

I would love to have you join in this experience!!! Give yourself the gift of bliss! You deserve it! 

Shift Your Energy and Your Life!

Bliss isn’t about accumulating things externally - of course circumstances in your life can make you happy!  But have you ever had the experience of  taking a yoga class where you walked in upset and walked out blissful?  Did anything happen in your external life? NO! You changed internally.

 That is what this 5 day program is about! We create shifts internally and when that happens the external will automatically shift accordingly. All you have to do is show up for yourself and align your energy and let the magic happen!

 How do I know? I have been manifesting before I even knew what I was doing - jobs, relationships, awards - and you are manifesting too!  This week is about realizing you are a powerful creator capable of manifesting from a place of awareness and intentionality!   

 I am here to support you! 

Here's what participants from the last program are saying:

"Thank you Cathy for introducing me to Kriya and daily meditation. All the Kriya's we did in our practice and the information resonated as "truth" in me. .... It has changed the way I think and how I do things.  I worry less, am less reactive, and less frustrated....I experience more joy, calm, and peace. You are amazing. Keep doing what you are doing. We all need this practice in our daily lives." Victoria R.

"I have been growing by leaps and bounds, feeling so happy and loving for myself and others It seems like I'm finding myself and my purpose. I feel very powerful yet humbled at the same time..Thanks for helping me break free from my mental prison" Otis (*from the last meditation challenge)

"Thank you Cathy! I'm a newbie to this and came with an open mind. I am enjoying this journey. I appreciate are truly inspiring." Johneen T

"What you are sharing is incredible. Your heart is pure allowing for a safe place to explore, deepen, and open. The week I was able to follow was bliss. Thank you."  Alayna

"I am in consant awe of Cathy! I first met Cathy as a student on my mat. At the time, she was unaware of how her teachigns had reached me, and I kept coming back for more. Never had I experienced such compassion, such undersanding, and such acceptance from simply listening to someone speak......Her love and deep dovotion are inspiring and have transformed my life.." Casey S. Continue

"I have been enjoying the meditation so much that I also purchased another Sadhana. My experience was very positive and the approach you took made it realistic and attainable for even a working single Mom.....with the tools you provided it makes it easier to find a way to get myself spritually connected regardless of the situation...." Marcy B

Meditation brings Joy!!!

Meditation brings Joy!!!

The Meditation will include Kriya's that come from the tantra tradition of yoga and impact the subtle body to align to a state of bliss.  A kriya can be a breath, mantra, or movement -click here for a video descritpion of a Kriya. When we engage in practices that impact the subtle body we:

  • release and transform stuck energy
  • exerience more ease and expansiveness
  • find a place of stillness in the mind, body and heart

Here's another way to describe the subtle body - have you ever been at a party or event and met someone that you were immediately drawn to? There was no logical explanation for it, there was just something about them?  That is the subtle body! Everything is vibration and energy - every person, every space, and that is what we will be working on during our time together - shifting energy!


Did you know that people that meditate:

  • Have less health problems
  • Expereince more inner peace and happiness
  •  Have less worry and anxiety
  • Reel more confident
  • Have better relationships 

And these are just a few benefits! 

Give Yourself the Gift of Attention!

Just by you showing up for yourself 20 minutes a day you will notice a difference in your life!  Most of my students tell me that they notice the difference most when they aren't meditating - their lives seem to be going smoothly and then they stop meditating and things get out of control again! Me too!!! I used to be a wreck - doing anything i could to "check out" and not be present - drinking, overeating, TV, - and it was negatively impacting my life and the lives of my children. With consistent meditation I feel so much more peace, joy and connection to myself and my family and freinds. I especially love these focused Kriya-based meditations because we start to feel joy!  It has worked for me and I know it can work for you! And that is why I am sharing it - I simply want everyone to have the empowering expereince of showing up for themselves!  You are worth it!