Kriyas are a powerful way to shift your energy, transcend the story of the mind, get grounded, increase vitality, develop radiance, open the heart, and tap into inner wisdom and intuition.  Try it for yourself! Just click the picture below to receive your set of 3 kriya videos for FREE - just enter your email address and you will be emailed your sets. 

Wandering which one to choose? 

  • Awaken helps strengthen your aura, connects you to your inner light, and detoxifies stagnant energy
  • Balance works to center you, harmonize the flow of your energy and unify heart and mind
  • Grace connects you to a place of compassion and calmness, releasing fear and increasing intuition

More about Kriya!

Most of us are familiar with asana, the postures or poses in the practice of yoga. Kriya is another tool available to us in the yogic tradition that has many of the same benefits as the physical practice we do in the studio. Much in the same way we leave our mats feeling more peace and presence after a yoga class, kriya can help us stabilize our energy and get centered in our bodies too. And my favorite definition - Kriya is an action that liberates and awakens you to freedom and the light within! 

What is a kriya? A kriya is breath practice, movement or mantra that is performed for minutes at a time to impact one's being on the level of mind, body, and energy. You can hear more about mantra HERE and more about kriyas HERE. As you perform the repetitious pranayama, or breath practice, movement, or mantra, you attune to your highest self and begin to shift your energy. 

  • Anyone can do kriyas and experience their benefits. No prior experience necessary!
  • Do your Kriya Set anytime, anywhere!
  • Kriyas are a great addition to a yoga studio asana practice.
  • Kriyas help the body settle into stillness and can aid in meditation; sit in silence after your Kriya Set in more comfort and ease

Where do kriyas come from? The kriyas I learned come from the tantra tradition of yoga in the Himilayas of India, and specifically Sattva Yoga which was developed by my main teacher,  Anand Mehrotra. Kriyas were originally passed down orally from teacher/guru to student. Only recently have they been written down. Tantra yoga is a way for us to understand our energy and to begin to work with it to expand our consciousness. Kriya is just one of the many practices from this tradition and the one I am most passionate about sharing it with you. 

Why include kriya in your practice? Practicing kriya has transformed my life and I believe it has the power to transform yours too. I personally use kriyas throughout my day to calm my anxious thoughts, release stuck energy in my body, and to come back to my center. I have seen them work for others as well. Current research suggests numerous benefits for those practicing breathwork, mantra and almost all styles of meditation. These practices impact the body on a cellular level and have a host of benefits when practiced together -- from improved stress resilience to decreased in inflammatory processes

I have found that the most powerful way to understand kriya is to have an experience of it. So when you practice these sets, my invitation is to do them fully, with receptivity and no expectation. Dive deeply into your experience and see what happens. Remember that consistency is key, so do them over and over again and know that your experience may be different every time.  Why? Because you are different in every moment, each time you practice.