Meditation has many benefits including reducing stress and worry, increasing self awareness and increasing a sense a peace in our lives.  I have seen these benefits in myself and others around me which is why I am committed to supporting you develop a consistent meditation practice. 

The meditation practice I teach comes from the Sattva Yoga tradition and is powerful in coming into stillness on the level of the body, mind and energy.  

Most people don't start meditation or give up on meditation because they thing they are doing it "wrong" or that their minds are too busy to meditate!  I am here to support you, encourage you and let you know that coming into silence is a process and the most important thing is to never judge yourself and with consistent practice you will come into deeper levels of stillness within yourself. 

LEARN TO MEDITATE - Online group meditations coming soon!

LEARN TO MEDITATE - Private Sessions:  Learn how to create space in your life for meditation, how to set up a meditation space, learn the Sattva Yoga Meditation.  Conctact Cathy to set up a private in person or Skype session and for cost.