Mentorship Opportunity for Teachers

If you want to step into your power, your authenticity and your gifts as a teacher, I’d love to support you on that journey.  There are many skilled teachers out there; but what takes teachers to the next level is stepping into a strong home practice on and off the mat.  We can only teach from what we have experienced and as you go deeper into your own personal practice and studying the wisdom of yoga you are able to be fully present in the moment and open to the teachings flowing through you.  so, that you are a channel for what is needed in the moment.  You have unique gifts and as you allow yourself to open to them - not be like everyone else- your teaching expands. I want to support you on that journey by coming to your classes, working together to come up with a home practice and discuss the wisdom of yoga in everyday life.  I will never judge you or tell you what you are doing is “wrong” - I will support you in elevating to your highest potential as a teacher.