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300-Hour Teacher Training with Cathy Connors and Guests!




Deepen your Practice! Ignite your Teaching! Awaken to a Life of Freedom! 

300 Hour : August 2018 - March 2019


I am so excited to announce this 300-Hour TT.  I love introducting students to the deeper teachings of yoga and in this training we will "dive deep" - into the teachings and into your own journey as a teacher and leader.

Yoga is a path of evolution and if you are ready to take your life and your teaching to the next level I invite you to join me for this 300 hour adventure.  

Wake up to your inner light in a bigger way, let go of conditioned patterns that are holding you back, and learn ancient yogic tools that will set you free and set your life and teaching on fire!

I am committed to showing up for you! And if you are considering this training you are committed to showing up for yourself - and when you do that magic happens! Your teaching will expand, the impact on your students will be greater and your life will transform in ways you couldn't even imagine. 

YOU have something unique to offer as a teacher and leader and it is time for you to OWN that! 

And if you don't know yet what is unique about you, I believe you will discover it as you take this journey.  If your heart is saying yes, trust it!! And join us! 

What past students are saying: "Cathy you're such a brave, passionate, loving, innovative, resourceful, courageous woman. I feel uplifted in your presence. Yes, really! I am thrilled, honored, humbled, and blessed to be in this training." Sabrina W. 




I loved Power Vinyasa yoga the first time I stepped into a class - I felt it! And I taught that style for many years. But then I met my main teacher Anand Mehrotra in 2014 and my practice and teaching transformed. I loved learning more about the teachings, I loved Kriya, Mantra, Pranayama, and a deep desire to share has lit my soul on fire! That is why I do these trainings! I want to introduce you to things you may not have been exposed to yet within the self and without.  


You will learn:

  • Advanced sequencing and inversions.
  • Somatics and the subtle body.
  • Tantra: The true meaning of tantra. 
  • Advanced Pranayama Techniques .
  • Kriyas: from the Himalayas: How to incorporate into your classes to take your students deeper. (I am the only one in the area who teaches KRIYA & FLOW) 
  • Mantra and Mudras: How to incorporate in your classes and your life. 
  • Meditation & the brain
  • Sound Healing: Crystal Bowls, Gong.
  • Sacred Rituals: Puja, Fire Ceremony.  
  • Living the 8 limbs. 
  • Dharma and Karma and the path.
  • Stepping into your Authentic Power as a teacher and leader.
  • Finding your voice in your teaching and your life. 
  • Teaching from a place of presence, flow and being an instrument for the teachings. 
  • Holding Sacred Space.
  • The brain, body and shifting patterns through yoga. 
  • Prenatal, PTSD and other special populations
  • Sacred Texts: The Gita, Yoga Sutras. 

DATES: August 10 - 12, Aug 24- 26, October 5-7, October 19-21, November 30-December 2: Fridays 5:30pm - 9:30pm, Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sunday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
** We will also meet one week night per week August through the end of November. And January-February - can do in person or online.

Last three weekends of January 4-6, February 1-3, and March 1-3  are Fridays 12-10, Saturdays 8-6, Sundays 8-4. *There is no meeting during the weeknights during this time.

Guest Teachers: Karen Stinson (mudras), Padme Diamond (the nervous system & the brain), sound healing teacher TBA, Angie Hall (arm balances, sequencing), Jesi Young (Anatomy), Gloria Rasmussen (prenatal)

Books:  Yoga Sutras, Polishing the Mirror, Awakening Shakti. The Gita, The Brains Way of Healing (Norman Doidge), Tantra Illuminated, Upanishads

Location: Private Studio In Folsom

Investment: $3800  Early Bird Discount $3450 if sign up by June 15, 2018


CLICK HERE to contact Cathy for more Information!


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