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200-Hour Teacher Training

Discover Who You are as a Teacher in 2018!

200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training

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5 WEEKEND Program
August-December 2018

Learn to Teach a Powerful & Connected Yoga Class ● Empower Yourself with the Practices of Yoga, Pranayama, Mediation, & Kriya ● Connect with Your Tribe ● Discover Your Light ● Evolve into the Best Version of You ●Awaken Your Heart

I am so excited to announce this year's 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Program. TTs are one of my greatest loves because I get the honor of witnessing students  awaken to a place of strength, peace, love, truth, radiance and joy, both on and off their yoga mats. This will be the 8th training that I have led and each time the expereince continues to unflod in magical ways. 

I invite you to join me on this incredible journey of transofrmation!

Whether or not you plan to teach yoga, if you are being called to do this training, say yes!  Your heart never lies. As you step into your light, you become a lighthouse for others no matter what role you play.  


What past students are saying.....

“Cathy has a magnetizing effect on those around her. She lives her life with total integrity and brings extreme authenticity and honesty to her teacher training, inspiring the students and people around her. [...] One indication of the quality of Cathy's teacher training is the strength of the bonds formed by the students. As one of sixteen students in her course, I can confidently say my classmates are among the most trusted and trustworthy people I know.” – Jason M.

"This was a life changing experience. [...] Beyond the education, I had a life altering experience which was guided by the most passionate yogi I know. I'm so honored to have had this experience and would highly recommend her training and workshops to anyone interested in expanding their horizons."  – Amy E.

"I am in constant awe of Cathy. I first met Cathy as a student on my mat. At the stime, she was unaware how her teachings had reached me, and I kept coming back for more. Never had I experienced such compassion, such understanding, and such acceptance from simply listening to someone speak. Whether she knew it or not she was speaking to my soul.  This is the way I witness any others experience Cathy. Her heart radiates out of her at every encounter. I knew I needed more.  I have since journeyed with Cathy through two retreats and through her teacher training program and through her unwavering support of my journey into my own radiance. Every step of the way knowing that Cathy was with me. Her teachings are never with a rule that must be followed or the "should do's" but with simply (not so simply) being a constant light, a pillar of support, and a reminder that I am not alone. Her love and deep devotion are inspiring and have transformed my life. I am not a different person than I was when I first came to my mat in Cathy's class, but I am now all of myself. There is no more hiding . I am seen, and I will forever be grateful to Cathy for standing beside me as I cam into my light"


During this training -- in an environment of support and love -- you will find the courage to open your heart, live your truth, and trust your inner wisdom.

Dates:  August 10-12, August 31 - September 2, October 5-7, October 19-21, November 30- December 2   

  • Fridays 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Saturdays 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sundays 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • one night per week 5:30-930  for the duration of the training- Can be done virtually (online) or in person.  

Cost: $3200 -- Early Bird Discount $2800 (*must sign up by June 15th)

Location:  Folsom, CA (private studio) 

  • Also included:
    • You also receive two of the 21-Day Online Sadhana's with this training. You can begin these before training if you'd like. 
    • Special Graduation Celebration - it's a surprise! 
200-Hour Teacher Training 2018 Deposit

Deposit for 200-Hour Teacher Training - Spring 2018

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Space is limited so sign up now to save your spot -- $500 non-refundable deposit required. Contact me  if you have any questions or hesitations. Let's have an honest discussion about whether this training is right for you.


What is Possible for you at this Teacher Training and why it is unique:

At the last TT I led, one student taught a power vinyasa class for her final project, another taught a yin class, and yet another taught a kriya-based meditation class. I was overjoyed to see each student find their passion and voice. In that moment, I knew this training was unique and special because it gave students all the tools they needed to teach the type of class that resonated with them. It also gave students the freedom to discover their strengths and gifts as a teacher. When you show up authentically, you have a powerful impact on your students and my students have a powerful impact on me!

This training will give you the foundation you need to teach a vinyasa class that is powerful, alive and uniquely you. You will find your voice and your way to inspire others!  

In addition, I have traveled to the Himalayas of India 7 times to studey with my teacher and I will bring these practices back to you!!!  The ancient practices of kundalini, tantra, kriya, pranayama and mantra stabilize the nervous system, release stuck energy, awaken dormant energy, increase intuition and give us more access to the wisdom of our hearts! . For more on my teacher Anand Mehtrora, visit  Sattva yoga.

Training Highlights:

Guest Teachers:  Angie Hall (Sequencing, Arm Balance/Inversions), Daniel Steiniger (tantra),  Emily McGill (yin/kids), Allie Rae Jesi Lee (anatomy),, Karen Stinsen (mudra)

I. Physical Body:

  • You will step away from this program with an in depth understanding of the asana (physical poses) and how to structure a class that is intelligent in the body. Alignment, anatomy, and assisting will all be addressed in this training. 

II. Energetic Body: 

  • You will learn about the following and how to use them in your personal practice and in your classes: chakras, koshas, kriya, pranayama

III. Teaching:

  • You will come out of this training with all the tools you need to teach a 60 or 75 minute group or individual yoga class in various settings including yoga studio, gym, and office. 

You will learn how to:

  • Cue the asana and the breath during class
  • Sequence poses
  • Incorporate pranayama, kriya and mantra to deepen students' experience
  • Use music and silence impactfully
  • Understand the power of your presence as a teacher and leader and navigate a class
  • Find your authentic voice as a teacher

IV. Meditation:

  • Various meditation practices will be taught and experienced, including pranayama, kriya, and mantra meditation. 

V.  Yoga Wisdom:

  • Yoga Sutras: 8 limb path
  • Deities
  • Karma/Dharma

VI. Electives:

  • How to use yoga in your daily life
  • Business of yoga
  • Exploration of your own personal journey
  • Teaching special populations: beginners, those with physical injuries and limitations; prenatal 
  • Introduction to Ayurveda 


  • Baron Baptiste's Journey Into Power
  • Patanjali's Yoga Sutra
  • Bhagavad Gita or Upanishads (your choice)
  • Autobiography of a Yogi or Polishing the Mirror (your choice)