What if we were able to listen to our heart, rather than our head ... What if we were able to respond,

rather than react ... What if we were able to give ourselves space to listen to our intuition.

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I think we all have “signs” ... Signs that tell us we are off ... I see the signs when they arise ... But there is still resistance  ... Not wanting to let go of the ‘comfy sweater” ... The conditioned patterns run deep ... They keep us stuck ... I saw the signs this week ... Observed without judgment ...


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Trust! ... Not in anyone or anything outside of you ... Trust yourself, the wisdom that resides within you ...When we spend time in silence our wisdom grows ... Not book knowledge, but the wisdom from the heart, soul and beyond ... Commit to your silence and see what blooms

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Sometimes I just want to scream!

The crazy shit that comes up in my mind.

Creating chaos, disease and strife!

Not real....all story....all fear

Self hatred bullshit

That’s why I love Sattva Yoga Journeys

I get to scream, to chant, breathe and let it all out

Kriya’s that at times look crazy

But the intensity and fierceness leads to laughter and pure joy

Sweet surrender, ease, and letting go

And finally tapping into the heart space

A space that is beautiful

A space that is vast, open, brilliant and so sweet!

I want to reside there always,

But I know the power of my crazy, beautiful mind

So it’s back to my mat for some more Kriya, mantra and breath

Such joy in the practice

So much gratitude and love...thank you

Shadow & Light

I usually write when I am struggling But today I write from a place of Joy

As I sat in silence this morning a deep sense of love was present I don’t know where it came from
It wasn’t the result of anything happening
It was just a deep dive into the sacredness of the heart

So much love, so much joy in connecting to the heart I want to stay here always

But I realize that without shadow there is no light And the shadow is an expression of light
So I embrace this moment fully
Just as I am learning to embrace all moments

And I send the love out to you
As when we are in a state of love we naturally want to share. 

Trust Yourself

There comes a time when you have to stop listening to others. 

You have to stop reading books, going to trainings, taking classes. 

You have to stop looking out for answers and validation. ✨ 

There comes a time when you have to start trusting yourself. Moving from what feels right for you. And taking full ownership of your experience ✨ 

My whole life others have been telling me what to do, how to feel and what I'm doing  "wrong". And although I'm sure it's coming from love, I realized that I don't need anyone else's opinion. I don't want anyone else's opinion ✨ 

It's scary to let go of that, but it's time to start living from what is arising in my soul, my heart-fully-completely ✨ 

I have spent years getting degrees, taking trainings, reading and acquiring more education. 

It's time to stop learning in that way. 

Its Time to start learning in a new way.✨ trusting in my experience. 

Trusting my own rhythm. 

Trusting my own voice ✨ this is courage. 

This is power and this is true freedom! 💕❤️

If you're ready to join me and discover this freedom for yourself, sign up for my FREE 7 day meditation challenge HERE.

In Love,


Fear & Wisdom

As I express and fully live, I fear being shamed more.

I’m so afraid

So afraid 

So afraid

I never realized how much

As I get bigger, I get smaller

As I step into light, I see the dark more clearly

As I allow myself to express & fully live, the fear of being shamed grows

Part of me wants to go back

Part of me wants to be small again

Part of me wants to hide

But then the anger comes

I’m tired of feeling I”m wrong

I’m tired of feeling I’m bad

I’m tired of making myself less than

I know what to do, how to act, what to say to fit in

But that’s not me

That is not what wants to be birthed from my soul 

So I move forward on this journey

The journey to my heart

The journey to my soul

The journey to the unknown

Because the longer I’m on this path, the more I know I can never go back

The longer I’m on this path, the less I “know” and the more “wise” I become

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In Love,