What if we were able to listen to our heart,

rather than our head.

What if we were able to respond,

rather than react.

What if we were able to give ourselves space

to listen to our intuition.

To give ourselves space to BE

and trust that everything would get done.

What if we could honor our laughter and our tears,

be present with everything.

What if we could allow ourselves to disconnect

Conscious disconnection

I like a good tv show, movie, glass of wine.

The spiritual journey isn't about being perfect. 

It's bout being awake! alive! in joy!

And the beautiful discovery and unfolding of your heart, your peace, your brilliance

And through that being a beacon of light in this world.

You are a beacon of light 

Join me this June for a TT that is dedicated to supporting you in awakening to your beauty, your light & it's also a pretty kick a#$% experience of connection and learning the tools you need to teacher vinyasa yoga w/ the added elements of Kriya, breath, Mantra & meditation

Sending love, C