What does your Life stand for?

“What does your life stand for?”

The words my teacher spoke yesterday

“move through life fearless!”

More words that landed in my heart

“live a life of purpose”

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I have always prided myself on being bold.

Making choices that went against the norm.

Seemed Crazy to others.

I prided myself on going after my dreams.

Living my truth.

And having the courage to live from my heart.

But the last few years have beaten me down.

I have felt the ramifications of always living on the edge.

Being authentic, vulnerable and open.

Giving all of myself to the process of creating.

I felt hurt, sad, and dismay

And felt myself close.

And yet this shadow

Being stuck, guarded and secluded in my practice

Has been the biggest expression of light!

I have moments of such immense bliss in the silence.

I want to share it with others

and yet I have felt I have to place to share.

I have felt myself wanting to expand

to open more

to take more risks

to let go of fear completely

to have a voice

to stop being so safe

But fear comes in and I want to go back

I want to go back to a job that feels safe

I want to go back to the security of a paycheck

I want to go back to the norm

But when I think of doing that

my heart breaks and my spirit dwindles

So I pick myself up

I come to my practice

I teach in ways that are different

That may fail, that may be rejected.

But this is where joy exists.

When I am sharing the teachings of a practice I love.

So I come back to the words of my teacher

“What does your life stand for”

“Live a life of purpose and fearlesness”

Steadfast presence, fierce presence

and surrendering all of it

Love gratitude and deep humility in this moment.

Never give up on your dreams and letting the creation of the universe flow through you