I think we all have “signs”

Signs that tell us we are off

I see the signs when they arise

But there is still resistance 

Not wanting to let go of the ‘comfy sweater”

The conditioned patterns run deep

They keep us stuck

I saw the signs this week

Observed without judgment

Until I was ready

Tonight I stepped onto my mat

Breath and Kriya targeting the 2nd chakra

I felt free almost immediately

Why don’t I do this more?

Why don’t I do this every time?

Instead of questioning

I came into deep gratitude for this practice

It helps to release the mind,

Let go of the fight

And find a sense of peace within

It’s not a mental thing

It’s not a physical thing

It’s energetic

I feel the transformation in my energy

A releasing of something that brings me back to center

Grateful in this moment for Sattva Yoga

Grateful in this moment for my teacher Anand

Grateful in this moment for my community

Grateful in this moment for my boys

And grateful for the opportunity to share these teachings with you!


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