I got divorced when my kids were 2 & 3.

I never regretted it. 

When they were small I felt lonely.

Loneliest when I was with them. 

I looked out at other families and imagined their life was better.

Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. 

I now don’t compare - I work on saying “in my own lane”. 

The most challenging part is that I would beat up on myself constantly.

Furious at myself for choosing the wrong person to marry. 

Furious that I chose to have two children. 

Imagining life would be easier with just one 

I now focus on what is rather than what could have been. 

My boys are now 13 & 14. 

I still don’t regret my decision. 

I now feel loneliest when I don’t have my boys, 

I am now grateful for the man I married. 

There is no drama and he is present for them-and me. 

Grateful for these gifts. 

I now know the beauty of honoring your truth. 

I sometimes wish there was someone to help

I sometimes still feel very alone in it all. 

But more often than not, I am grateful for the gift that being a single parent is.

I am grateful for all the lessons i have learned. 

And I am most grateful for the beauty that accepting my unique path has brought. 

Remember…you are never alone and that in sharing your journey, your struggles and your victories you will inspire others and eventually be able to let the story go - stepping more into the now! And the gift that brings! Sending love.