A part of me still feels the need to compete.

To prove my self worth. 


I wish it wasn’t there but it is. 

It’s stublte and sneaky.

Easy to ignore or pretend

But that’s not my way


When sh## like this shows up I face it head on. 

See it for what it is

Instead of pushing it away or pretending it isn’t there

I step inside


The journey has been to understand

To have compassion and to transcend


There is no other way. 

At least for me. 


My pattern has been this:

I either stand alone empowered and free

Or in relationship and forced to be small 

No room for me to be me


I am learning another way. 

How to stay empowered in relationship

How to find my voice

To not have to scream, shout and prove, 

Or shrink and shrivel up


But to stay steady in me when the other is there. 

Trusting that the other won't overpower

That I won't shrink

And that we can lift each other up. 


Here's to uplifting one another...