I’ve been quiet.

The mind has got me down.

I see it, desire to transcend it.

But it has me in its grips.

As I taught last night I could feel it release.

The mantras took over.

The breath took over.

The kriya took over.

All that was present was deep bliss.

Deep silence.

Deep peace.

And an inner knowing.

Meeting ourselves beyond thought is one of the greatest gifts of this practice.

It is from this space that we can truly listen, truly see and truly know the beauty of this life.

Integrating the moments on the mat into our everyday experience is a journey.

How do we keep yoga alive in all moments?

In the moments when we struggle with our kids.

In the moments when we are challenged in our relationships.

In the moments when we cannot understand why things are the way they are.

Can we find a sense of peace inside.

For years I controlled the external expereince as a way to fix the internal expereince.

And a part of me still wants to do that.

It seems easier somehow.

If I could just change my body, my relationships, my job situation my experience would shift.

But I now know better.

For changing those external circumstances only provides temporary “relief”.

The true “relief” is in the moments of silence.

Being with the self, the moment, no matter what.

And finding a way to be kind, compassionate, and soft.

Holding ourselves in all moments and realizing that in doing this we are held.

Releasing the battle and surrending into the arms of the divine.

What a gift!

Sending love,