The Rant of the Ego

"People aren't afraid of failure.

They are afraid of what people will think when they fail"

I read this quote yesterday

It hit me hard.

I realized, yes I am afraid

What will happen if people see me mess up?

I have made big decisions before

But nothing like opening Awake.

I witness the fear of the ego arise:

My mistakes will be public.

I may make a bad decision.

I may do something wrong.

Everyone willl see.

People may be angry or disappointed.

They may not like me.

I will be abandoned.

I will be ridiculed.

The rant of the ego can be viscious.

And it's all about "me, me, me"

Trying to stay safe and protected.

It makes me want to disappear, avoid and hide.

The ego craves security.

Wanting someone by my side whispering in my ear

"I love you, you are awesome" - even when I mess up.

A safe space to "land" so to speak.

But for now my path is to find that for myself.

To step into the arms of the divine within and without.

And to move forward in total trust.

"Live Free or Die Trying to be Safe"

A quote by my teacher that I love.

So right now I step forward.

Exposed fully.

My light.

My dark.

And remembering it's not about me.

For our higher calling is a calling of spirit, source, soul, love

Awake is meant to be built....

Bringing people together at these times is so important.

Creating concious rituals that are elevating.

Sacred community where one can come and feel safe.

Step into empowerment, freedom and love.

Where one can be encouraged, supported and uplifted.

I love the practices of yoga

I love building community

And I am so grateful for all of you that support this vision.

I am so grateful for all the teachers, staff and students.

Sending love and light out to all of you today!

Hari Om