Make a stand for yourself.
Listen to how you feel in a situation.
Listen to how you feel when you are in someone's space.
Do you feel relaxed and in joy?
Do you feel tense and anxious?
I used to neglect these clues.
Thinking there was something wrong with me.
I didn't want to judge.
I wanted to take full ownership of my expereince.
And I still do.
But what I realize now was that I was missing important signals from my nervous system. 
Wanting to be nice, kind, loving and a good person.
I allowed myself to be in sitautions that didn't feel great.
I was strong enough, I could take care of myself and be okay.
But I am wiser now.
I realize I don't have to put myself in places that don't feel good in my heart, my soul.
This doesn't mean I am judging the other person.
Looking at them as bad or wrong. 
I am just allowing myself to move with the energy of what feels "right" for me. 
Allowing myelf to move toward softenss and love.
Rather than suffering and "getting through".
I no longer have to abandon myself to please the other. 
I still sometimes worry because I never want to hurt another.
But I realize I have to hold onto who I know myself to be
Regardless of what the other thinks.
And staying in a state of love and grace sometimes means letting go.
And as I do that, my energy is more open and free, clear, expansive and available to love more fully, authentically and completely.