Victim No More

I’ve lived the role of a victim for a long time.

I knew it in my mind and worked to shift it

Yet, it was still stuck

A flavor of it in my nervous system

Very subtle, but still present.

Over the last few years everything was stripped away

Identity, relationships, professional roles

And I was forced to look deeper within

No one to blame

No one to scapegoat

Only me facing me

The more I allowed myself to dive into the body

The more I practiced Kriya

The more I meditated

The more that was revealed to me

Stuck patterning on a cellular level being dislodged, broken up

It’s difficult to describe in words

But I can say that from facing my shadow more light has been revealed

And I am learning to integrate and love all parts

And as I do that deeper states of compassion emerge

Deeper states of love, spontaneous moments of joy

No more dumbing down or being small

Apologizing for who I am

No more feeling like I have to stay quiet and pretend I am less than

For I am a light, I am love, I am divine grace!

And you are too!

Whatever you are going through

Just know that on the other side of the shadow is light

On the other side of pain is joy

On the other side of fear is love

So keep moving forward, keep opening, keep sharing

For you are a beautiful gift to this world!

And gifts are meant to be opened