The Body Holds Memory

A few weeks ago when I was taking a TT students class she put us in Supta Baddha Konasana.

A pose where you lie on your back, heart center exposed.  

She also had us put a bolster under the back so that the whole upper body was lifted up.

The heart center opened even more!


Immediately my body reacted with fear. 

My mind wasn’t afriad,

But everything in my body wanted to come out of the pose. 

And curl up in the fetal position. 


I chose to stay, breathe and to get curious about what was going on. 


Tears came to my eyes as I realized my body didn’t like being so open, exposed. 

My heart wants to be.

My mind wants to be 

But my body is still afraid. 


It’s so fascinating how much our body holds. 


Last week when I announced the birth of AWAKE 

Again my body reacted.

I was so excited in my heart, my mind and my soul.

But again my body held tension - overwhelming pain in my neck-a tightness I couldn’t release. 


Again, I chose to stay, to get curious and LISTEN. 


Was it fear, anxiety, being too big, too out there, too much?

The reason doesn’t matter

What matters is the response

Just like when a freinds speaks to you…


It’s not really about fixing it or figuring it out - most of the time it’s just about being there, listening and caring. 


So as I learn to be in my body more and more. 

I realize how much our body holds for us.

How much memory it stores

And how it was only trying to protect us when it learned to tighten


As we practice, we release that memory

We move out of stuck patterning 

Awaken dormant energy 

And feel new things


So if you ever find yourself crying on your yoga mat let the tears flow

It means your releasing, healing and expanding

And when that happens your one step closer to FREEDOM

Letting go of the battle with the body,  the self, the mind

And allowing the heart to awaken and love, love, love……more completely, freely and without abandon!