My Jeans Don't Fit

My JEANS DON'T FIT ME anymore.
Yes it's true....

For awhile I kept trying to make them fit. 
But they simply didn’t. 

As much as a part of me wants to go back.
Try to fit, squeeze and force to make them work. 
I realized that I had no other choice
It was time to go out and buy some new digs. 

My priorities have changed. 
My age has changed. 
My wisdom has changed. 
And my heart has changed. 

So, I move forward
Walk with my head held high. 

New Jeans,
New attitude
New way of being. 

Others may not unerstand
They may see my new softenss as weak or less than
But in my heart I know who I am

I wish I could say I have all the answers
But I don’t
For no one has answers for anyone else
We all have to arrive in our own truth. 

Walk in the style of jeans that feel right for us. 
And own who we are...
Some will like your new digs and join in. 
Others won’t and will fall away as you walk down the street. 

A loss perhaps
But also a gift because.....

It feels oh so good to take this journey in a pair of jeans that fit.
Rather than forcing yourself into a shape that no longer serves...

Sending love and courage out to you