A Letter to My Heart on Valentine's Day

A letter to my heart….

I have sucked it up and squashed my voice over the years.

I thought I was strong enough to take it

I didn’t need to say what was on my heart

For wasn’t it my responsibilty for what I felt, what I created?

The thing I didn’t realize is this:

As I squashed my voice, I squashed my heart

I became strong, but also frozen

Carrying things in my body

Hidden beneath the surface

So no one could see, even myself

As I continue to release the mind and listen to the body

As I continue to re-awaken parts I had lost

I realize that my heart has been deeply hurt

Not from the other, but from me…

Neglecting my voice, my desires, and my care

So here I am, My heart rising up

My heart saying I am here, I am alive and I want to live

And I say “go for it”

Come alive

Have a voice, be free

And I will be here to catch you when you fall