The Silent Observer

This is me.

The silent observer.

Curious and aware.

Fearless and free.


Noticing the waves of the mind

Feeling the choppy emotions.

But standing back

Coming to silence and the breath


Steady, not allowing turbulence to shake the tree

Sway as I may

I stay firm in my grace


The sensitive heart wants to stay behind the curtain.

Hide away.

But I have a choice:

Do I stay hidden and afraid

Or step into the moment, breathe, be and let my fearless heart free.


In case your curious, the two pieces of wisdom that I carry with me on this “wild ride”:

1. Steady practice is key! As long as I am consistent in my practice I can ride the waves and not get sucked in. So if you are ever on a crazy wave go to a class, come to your breath and drop into that silent space where ur heart and soul know you are deeply loved.

2. Everything that is happening for me is relevant for my awakening - and what is happening for you is relevant for you- I love this as it reminds me to let go of the comparing, judging, envy and worry that I’m doing it all “wrong”-the different paths we weave are brilliant,

All my love ❤❤❤