Trust Yourself

There comes a time when you have to stop listening to others. 

You have to stop reading books, going to trainings, taking classes. 

You have to stop looking out for answers and validation. ✨ 

There comes a time when you have to start trusting yourself. Moving from what feels right for you. And taking full ownership of your experience ✨ 

My whole life others have been telling me what to do, how to feel and what I'm doing  "wrong". And although I'm sure it's coming from love, I realized that I don't need anyone else's opinion. I don't want anyone else's opinion ✨ 

It's scary to let go of that, but it's time to start living from what is arising in my soul, my heart-fully-completely ✨ 

I have spent years getting degrees, taking trainings, reading and acquiring more education. 

It's time to stop learning in that way. 

Its Time to start learning in a new way.✨ trusting in my experience. 

Trusting my own rhythm. 

Trusting my own voice ✨ this is courage. 

This is power and this is true freedom! 💕❤️

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In Love,