Sometimes I just want to scream!

The crazy shit that comes up in my mind.

Creating chaos, disease and strife!

Not real....all story....all fear

Self hatred bullshit

That’s why I love Sattva Yoga Journeys

I get to scream, to chant, breathe and let it all out

Kriya’s that at times look crazy

But the intensity and fierceness leads to laughter and pure joy

Sweet surrender, ease, and letting go

And finally tapping into the heart space

A space that is beautiful

A space that is vast, open, brilliant and so sweet!

I want to reside there always,

But I know the power of my crazy, beautiful mind

So it’s back to my mat for some more Kriya, mantra and breath

Such joy in the practice

So much gratitude and love...thank you

Shadow & Light

I usually write when I am struggling But today I write from a place of Joy

As I sat in silence this morning a deep sense of love was present I don’t know where it came from
It wasn’t the result of anything happening
It was just a deep dive into the sacredness of the heart

So much love, so much joy in connecting to the heart I want to stay here always

But I realize that without shadow there is no light And the shadow is an expression of light
So I embrace this moment fully
Just as I am learning to embrace all moments

And I send the love out to you
As when we are in a state of love we naturally want to share.