Fear & Wisdom

As I express and fully live, I fear being shamed more.

I’m so afraid

So afraid 

So afraid

I never realized how much

As I get bigger, I get smaller

As I step into light, I see the dark more clearly

As I allow myself to express & fully live, the fear of being shamed grows

Part of me wants to go back

Part of me wants to be small again

Part of me wants to hide

But then the anger comes

I’m tired of feeling I”m wrong

I’m tired of feeling I’m bad

I’m tired of making myself less than

I know what to do, how to act, what to say to fit in

But that’s not me

That is not what wants to be birthed from my soul 

So I move forward on this journey

The journey to my heart

The journey to my soul

The journey to the unknown

Because the longer I’m on this path, the more I know I can never go back

The longer I’m on this path, the less I “know” and the more “wise” I become

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In Love,