Have you ever met someone and felt like you just "clicked"? Or been in a room where the tension was "so thick you could cut it with a knife"? Have you found yourself "in a funk" at some point or felt anxious without good reason? Most of us can think of time like this -- a time when an opportunity was "the perfect fit" or an event where things "just felt off".

We have energetic experiences just like these on an almost daily basis. Our bodies are highly intuitive and are able to read the energy in a situation and respond accordingly. When the response is pleasurable, we feel content, excited, and fully alive. But often we have an energetic experience that creates mental, emotional, or physical stress. We may feel lethargic, insecure, or frantic, have a headache or experience digestive disruptions. 

Many of us come to our mats to find our center and care for our bodies. and when you can get to a studio practice, that is wonderful. But on those days when you can't and those days when you don't have an hour to practice there are other yogic tools you can use to stabilize your energy, release your mind, and come back to your center!  In the video library you will find many "mini-practices" (5-12 minutes) that you can do in the privacy of your own home to find that place of softness, stability and empowerment within. 


*The majority of the videos are Kriyas (see below).  These practices come from the himilayas in India and were passed down to Cathy from her teacher, Anand Mehrotra who developed Sattva Yoga.  

  • Pranayama is the regulation or control of breath through specific techniques and practices. 
  • Mantra is a sound, word or phrase that is repeated to aid concentration in meditation. Click HERE to watch a short video on mantra. 
  • Kriya, from the tantra tradition of yoga, is a singular or combined breath practice, movement, and/or mantra that impacts one's being on the level of mind, body, and energy. Click HERE for a short video on kriya. 
  • Meditation is a precise technique for attending to one's inner self.

These practices are amazingly effective methods of regulating your energy and mood. Asana practices -- the poses of yoga -- help move and distribute energy throughout the body; kriya practices can help us access the energy we crave and want to invite into our lives.  I invite you to add these short practices  into your daily life and witness the difference. They can be used anytime, anywhere; but you can also use them as a daily sadhana (spiritual practice) or meditation. Pick one and do it every day for 21 or 40 days and notice the difference.  

Why Practice? 

Current research suggests numerous benefits for those practicing breathworkmantra and almost all styles of meditation. These practices impact the body on a cellular level and have a host of benefits when practiced together -- from improved stress resilience to decreased in inflammatory processes

We hear this information almost daily, yet many of us don't think we have the time. We imagine mediation must be performed before dawn for an hour a day in order to be effective. Or, if we have the time, we're not exactly sure where to start. We are overwhelmed with the types of energy cultivation and mediation methods that are available to us? "Should I use a mantra or an affirmation? In English or Sanskrit? Does it matter? Does my mind need to be completely silent?!?"

The Online Studio will gently guide your through the process! Through clear and concise videos, Cathy will demonstrate each breath practice and kriya and, depending on what program you choose, she'll guide you through a silent meditation as well. All you need to do is sign up and show up for yourself! 

We can't wait to share the experience of kriya and meditation with you!  So join us to create an energy rich environment in yourself! And Always reach out to Cathy with questions or if you want her to create a daily practice for you to target a specific area in your life you are working on!