21-Day Online Sadhana Programs

Align to Your Intention!

Empower yourself! Create your best life! Take your yoga practice off the mat with these powerful 21-day Kirya-Based Meditation Programs! 

Many of us come to our yoga mats to build physical and mental strength and find a place of calm within. We feel our minds settle as soon as we take the first pose, yet have difficulty carrying the "joyful peace" we achieve after a 75-minute practice into our daily lives. Work, relationships, finances, and many other responsibilities can leave us feeling stuck, frustrated, and unmotivated.


What can you do to get unstuck?  Taking your practice off the mat with this 21-day Program.  Each program includes a 21-minute morning meditation, a 5-10 minute mid-day reset, and a 8-12 minute evening meditation!  I am with you every step of the way! 

Set your intention and keep your attention focused with this Program! A consistent Kriya-based meditation practice for 21 days will shift your energy and transform how you expereince your life!  

These Sadhanas unleash the power of the subtle body.  Subtle body practices expand, transform, and move stagnent energy out of the body so that you can expereince a life that feels more effortless, joyful, abundant, peaceful and connected to grace. 

Your intention and your attention are two of the greatest tools you have. When you intentionally focus your attention on a desired energy through a daily Sadhana, you create powerful shifts in your energy that align you to that experience. You invite that feeling or experience into your life! Through the 21-Day Online Sadhana programs you will: 

  • Create self-respect through self-devotion
  • Deepen your self-love and experience a deepening of love for others
  • Invite energetic shifts to occur naturally - experience a sense of ease even in difficult circumstances
  • Transform your life by showing up for yourself in an entirely new way

You are a powerful creator! A 21-Day Online Sadhana program will help you create a life that connects you to your authentic self.  

What Past Students are Saying:

"I have been growing by leaps and bounds, feeling so happy and loving for myself and others.  It seems like I'm truly finding myself and my purpose. The many things I'm able to do mentally...my music which has always been a reflection of my spirit...I feel very powerful yet humbled at the same time...Thanks for helping me break free from my mental prison" Otis B.
About the mid-day resets from Susan B "These minis are my favorite....love you"   and from Brenda S. "Thank you so much -just what I needed" and from Marcy B. "Loved this! Thank you!"

Which Sadhana is right for you? 

Choose from the following five programs: 

  • Empower and Ground: Connect to your true, authentic self and find courage to act from that space. Release the idea of who you think you should be and experience the joy of who you truly are.  Click here to Begin! 
  • Calm and Peace: Come into a place of softness and ease and find steadiness -- even in busy, stressful circumstances. Sign me up!
  • Abundance and Bliss: Align to the abundance of right now by uncovering your inner radiance and experiencing a sense of bliss in the moment. I'm In!
  • Energize and Awaken: Awaken your nervous system and align to a sense of vitality and presence. Yes! Sign me up!
  • Transcend Fear and Helplessness: Recognize that you are a powerful creator, let go of stories that are holding you back , and take ownership of your experience.  Coming Soon!

Each program has practices that are both powerful and subtle and will shift your energy and often your mindset as we chant, breathe, and move together though kriya, prayama and mantra. Pick the program the speaks to you! Or Contact Me and I will create a personalized program to meet your unique needs!

What You Get with your Program! 

  • Three videos:  21-Minute Morning Sadhana, 5-10 Minute Daily Reset, and 9-12 Minute Meditation
  • Daily emails sent directly to your inbox with information and support
  • Email support from me with answers to questions you may have about your experiences during the program

Each program is $108. That's only $5.14 per day -- the price of a latte! You receive:  IF YOU DO THE PROGRAM EXACTLY AS IT IS OUTLINED AND DO NOT EXPEREINCE AN INTERNAL SHIFT I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK! That is a testimonial of how much I believe in the power of consistent practice!

What is Sadhana?

A Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice that aligns you to your highest self. 

There are many types of Sadhanas. A Sadhana can be taking a walk every morning, reading a spiritual text each evening, practicing yoga asana daily, or a meditation you do every day before you leave your house. Any daily ritual that connects you to yourself and divine grace - be that God, Universe, Source, unity consciousness or other - is a Sadhana. Spirituality is highly personal, and what you connect with may be uniquely yours or shared by many, but your being recognizes the connection.  

The Sadhanas that are available through YourOMTime come from the Sattva Yoga tradition. Sattva Yoga comes from the tantra tradition of yoga and uses tools such as breath, mantra, kriya, meditation and asana to align and tune your energy to what you want to create. Everything is energy. Every word you speak, every action to take, even the food you put in your body is energy. Integrating intentional rituals into your life aligns you to the energy you want to create for yourself. You will experience a shift in perspective, and sometimes even a shift in circumstances, because you are receiving the energy to which you are aligned. The practices you will do in the Sadhana not only impact you on an energrtic level, but on the level of the mind and body as well. Watch THIS VIDEO to hear more about Sadhana. 

What is Kriya?

A kriya is an action that liberates you, wakes you up to your greatness, and makes you feel fully alive. You may have experienced this in your life already - perhaps jumping into a cold lake or taking a long run. In yoga, a kriya can be a breath practice, movement or mantra. CLICK HERE to learn more about kriya.


How does the 21-Day Sadhana Program work?

The foundation of all Your OM Time's 21-Day Sadhana Programs is a 21-minute morning practice video that includes:

  • one breath practice
  • one or two mantra and/or movement kriyas
  • silent meditation

In addition to the 21-minute morning practice video, there are two additional practice videos : 

  • Daily Reset: a 5-10 minute practice aimed at aligning to the energy of the program you choose at any time
  • Evening Meditation: a 9-12 minute mantra based meditation to solidify your intention as you end your day

You will see that the Morning Sadhana is enough on its own, but as you begin to align to your intention, these additional practice videos allow you to access the same energy at different points in your day, when you want to recenter and reconnect with your intention quickly.

Which Sadhana is right for you?