Empower and Uplift Yourself with Weekly Yoga Classes!

Cathy teaches Vinyasa classes. that combine vinyasa flow with kriya, breath, mantra and meditation! Transcend the mind, open the heart, release stuck energy and access your inner radiance! 


Awake Yoga IN El Dorado Hills is Coming Fall 2018 

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In the meantime, join us on Wednesday nights  at 6:30  for a Donation Based Class  or schedule a private meditation, yoga or coaching session. Message Me for information. 

 Cathy has a back ground in power vinyasa, but her main teacher founded Sattva Yoga and she has traveled to India 7x in the last 3 years to study with him. Sattva Yoga Flow classes are a journey into the self through fluid movement, powerful breath, and possibly a kriya or two. Sattva Vinyasa includes the elements of pranayama (breath), kundalini kriyas (breath, movement or mantra that impacts the subtle body), meditation and freedom movement. The intention is different for every class, but the overall focus is to create a balanced practice of effort and ease, movement and stillness so that you can come alive and wake up to the compassion within your own heart. All levels welcome. Visit sattvaconnect.com for more information on Sattva Yoga.